Sick Days of Summer

So sadly my paradise has been invaded by a yucky summer cold that is taking a toll on myself and the wee bébé. I thought Mr T was okay today but I’m thinking that 5.5 hours straight in the napping bed during the day today was not a gift – more like an indication of the evil cold! I am congested and head-achy but he seems to actually have a tiny fever. Both of us just want to sleep 🙂



Cuddling the baby is sometimes the best use of your time! |



Anyway, my lovely other progeny did a double header grocery trip while little bits was in bed today. Feeding a family of six is a daunting financial adventure sometimes. Since it was too hot to leave cold stuff in the car, we went to the local grocery store, came back home, dropped off the groceries at home, and then headed out for the rest at the wholesale club. A pain to be sure but at least we spent less money, stocked up on bread items, and allowed Mr Hubby to get some much needed work done while the kids were out of the house. I suppose that makes me productive today – right?

Peace and health,


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