Busy week!

Well, here on our little piece of the world we have been quite busy. We were away camping last weekend during which Mr. B completed his second triathlon. The picture below was actually after he finished last year. I still have to get the new pics off my camera.


He did a great job and more importantly had tons of fun! We all enjoyed swimming, bike riding, canoeing, and of course the fabulous camp cuisine provided by Mr Handsome Hubby!


Now we are back and in the full-on throes of construction. We are drywalling the room downstairs which will be the ‘boy den’ soon. It is a great space with plenty of room to soon house all three Eden boys in comfort and fun.  It will just be bedroom to two for starters but when Mr T is bigger he will join them.






Aside from that, I have been planning. After a long awaited session do hash out the details with Mr Hubby I have all my curriculum choices made for all the kids for this coming school year! Now I just have to buy what I still need and start the individual subject planning.


My major goal for this year? Be way more organized and keep my documentation current and clear. 🙂 I am almost finished setting up my “homeschool planner”. This year it is just my big binder and all the stuff cobbled together in the way that I think I will like and will work best for me this year.

I will sit down again in a while and put together a post about what our year will hopefully look like (in case anyone is interested 😉 ) but right now I have to run off and make some brownies! We have some esteemed guests (my parents)  coming over in a while and I have a few things to do!

Peace and health,


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