Everyday Love

See the sweet little green heart around the dial? That would be a twist tie from the grocery store that my sweet boy put there one day to show his love. Yes, it is still there 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there!

I hope that everyone has had a peaceful and enjoyable day. I am grateful for this day, not so that I can receive cards and gifts, but so that I can spend time enjoying the lovely people that I have been blessed to bring into this world and the incredible man who made it possible.

It is good to reflect on what we spend the best of ourselves on everyday. Of course we get caught up on monitoring behavior, cleaning up messes, kissing boo-boos, and educating moldable young minds. But at the heart of it all should be that love that goes deeper than an ocean current. That love that makes us fight for beloved ones no matter what. The fact that our children will one day look back and say: “I remember my mama used to…” should remind us that we want those memories to be positive and filled with love and light.

So try and forget the mistakes, shortcomings, and slowness of your young ones and give them that love and kindness they need so much to help them become the people we want them to be. Because they are looking at us, modeling after us, and loving us – even with all our shortcomings and imperfections. And thank God for that!!

Peace and health,


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