Personal Paradise Tuesday – a little late and a little sad

Hello friends! I am trying to catch up and I’m afraid I have to be a bit cliché today. My personal paradise today is my immediate family’s health and safety. After the whirlwind of Thanksgiving we were unfortunate enough to have a dear family member died suddenly. So as cliché as it is to say that you should live each day as if it were your last, that is hitting home a bit for me right now. I am so blessed with my wonderful husband and 5 fantastic kids, all healthy and safe. I wish I could keep it that way forever but of course we never know what challenges we will be given in life. Today however, I am kissing my babies a bit extra and smiling more at my hubby and thanking God for the time that we have had so far. Won’t you join me? Give those you love a bit of extra attention and recognize what you have while you have it.

Peace and health,


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