Personal Paradise Tuesday – Have you made mud pies lately?

They look like they are having fun don’t they?

Today I am thinking thankful thoughts about mud! Stick with me here (hee, hee – sorry!), but although winter is still in full force I am starting to have a hint of spring thoughts. Why is this? Well last night as I was leaving the house for some evening errands I realized that it was still light out. Slightly, but lighter than it had been at that hour for some time. Yay! My heart sang as I felt the reality of the idea that winter will not last forever. Therefore, here I am thinking about milder weather and playing in the garden; spring rains when the kids inevitably come in from outside with muddy shoes and pants; and the excitement of new growing things.

I always think that winter is a wee bit long, but I think this winter I have struggled more than some with a general shortage of hope. When tragedy and loss  creep up on us unexpectedly and threaten to unsettle the peaceful soul, it is a great relief to have a tangible, physical reminder of rebirth and the constant, cycling of nature’s rhythms. I know I will have many cold, dreary days to get through before any real sign of spring but I hope this peek has given me enough encouragement to get through the rest of this season with more pep in my step.

So today I will insist upon a walk, no matter how short, in the rainy, drippy, muddy weather we are set to have and revel in the messes. And the best part of all will be a hot bath to remind me that while mud may happen – especially in a world with many children and pets – it just makes the clean feel that much better!!

Peace and health,


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