Sunset Café Saturday – Can we wrap up winter??

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    The past few days here I have spent most of my hours either nursing a baby or laying on the couch wrapped in blankets with the next one up who is fighting some sort of illness. Fevers and not eating leads to a very tired, pitiful little one! Of course here we are also experiencing more of the crazy, snowy, very cold weather. I have been huddling under warm clothes and blankets to keep warm for too long and I am ready to wrap winter herself up and chuck her into the tropics! Mr B and I spent 2 hours shoveling at the beginning of this week and that wasn’t even the end of the job. At least I got my exercise.

   So today I am pretending that we will soon be out of winter.

Beautiful spring flowers!
Beautiful spring flowers!

(Don’t remind me that we still have another week of very cold weather!)

     But we can think ahead to the idea that spring will be here pretty soon and we should, therefore, work on finishing winter projects. So I got to thinking that I should turn my attention to the inside of the house and any lingering projects that I want to finish up before we are needing to be outside to start all the garden projects of the spring. I have a few cleaning and organizing things and then I want to start working on the home renovation projects that we have on the list. I would love to get to the point with our basement that come spring break, Mr Hubby and I can make some serious progress.

  I am a bit overwhelmed by all these ideas though so I will start with something simple: I will clean out my car! Ok – maybe with 5 kids that isn’t so simple but when faced with a big list of things to do sometimes it is good to do a job that you know you can get done with easily. What jobs do you have laying around that are easy enough to get done but will make you feel accomplished? With some success comes continued success – if you keep moving. So find your easy job that will start your streak and lets get busy!

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3 comments on “Sunset Café Saturday – Can we wrap up winter??

  1. Yes, let’s wrap up winter and cast it back into the fiery chasm from which it came.

  2. Amen!!!

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