Personal Paradise Tuesday – There’s nothing like little boys’ love!

My personal paradise
My personal paradise

I am so thankful this week for my 2 little baby boys. If there is anything that can stop me from rushing about my day, it is my 2 littlest boys who like to cuddle me. 🙂 Mr T comes to me today and asks, “Can I sit with you Mama?” Not only did he come sit with me but he then proceeded to kiss my cheek and snuggle under my chin for a little while. Normally our days are full of loud, full steam ahead boyhood with this wild one so when he slow down enough to snuggle me, I am happy to put off what I am doing if possible. So today he kissed my cheek several times and then insisted that I kiss a particular spot on his cheek. Of course I was happy to oblige!

In addition to that loveliness, my Little G has been a bit clingy and lovey for the past few days. When he cries upon waking and I go pick him up, he clings and clutches at whatever he can grab: my shirt, my arm, my hair, my skin (yikes!). But then he just holds on and puts his face close to mine. I don’t know if he is teething, having a growth spurt, or something else but I sure don’t really care. I know that my snuggle time between just the two of us is limited and far too short so I will take it when and how I can get it. What else does a mama need than the soft squishy baby boy love?

And just to pull on the heart string a bit more, here is a shot from the other day of Mr T who was so tired that he brought his pillow to the Daddy to get some cuddle time and rest at the same time.

Isn't he pitiful? |
Isn’t he pitiful?

Do you have any moments that stop you in your tracks? Share with us your sweet loves 🙂

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