Sunset Saturday Café – Happy Easter!!

Beautiful spring flowers! |
Beautiful spring flowers!

I hope everyone had a little bit of beauty and fun today. We were working our tails off today getting a whole bunch of yard projects done and the weather was gorgeous – finally! So now we can enjoy tomorrow with a relaxed manner and spend some time with each other looking at our beautified surroundings. I even had a few minutes to ‘spring-up’ my mantle a little bit and I put my beloved painting up. It looks nice but more importantly, it make me happy because I inherited this painting when my Grandmother passed away and I have loved it since I was a small child. Now it always makes me think of my grandparents and how loving and enjoyable their home was to me when I was growing up.


A place of honor for my beloved painting |
A place of honor for my beloved painting


If you are celebrating Easter tomorrow, I wish you a joy filled day with peace in your hearts and homes, and good times enjoying those you love. Have a wonderful week!!

peace and health,

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