Personal Paradise Tuesday – Those wonderful, blessed weeds!

My personal paradise
My personal paradise

“Why do the weeds make you smile, Mama?”

Why indeed, little one?

Well it is because we have had rain, and sun, and warmth which has allowed them to grow. It is because we have a beautiful garden that they can grow in.

It is because I have an excuse to sit out in the sun and pull them out. It is because I can smile at the ever-growing pile next to me that shows my productivity.

It is because I can teach my children about plants and soil. It is because when life gets complicated, the garden is simple – either it belongs there or it doesn’t.

It is because when I am frustrated or angry I can expend some of my energy on a good activity instead of a unhealthy one.

Weeds, my little one, are a very good thing. And I hope I can keep reminding myself of that all summer long. 🙂

peace and health,


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