How I became a refrigerator repair technician – Part II

This is the fridge we have
This is the fridge we have!

So the saga continues. You can catch the first installment of this story here. After the attempt to fix the leaky fridge door was mostly successful, I found a small drip at the edge of the door and figured that I was missing something. The next step was digging further back into the innards of the fridge to see what else I could identify. After taking apart a bunch of drawers and digging around I found a drain trough and hose and there seemed to be some dripping from that. I also discovered a small lake down in the very bottom of the fridge. A little while later with the help of some internet searching I stumbled upon my exact problem described and explained. The drain pipe for the condensation down to the drip pan was clogged and it simply backed the water up and spilled over into the bottom of the fridge.

The result of this discovery I don’t think I will chronicle in great detail since it could make many people squeamish. I certainly won’t torture you with pictures of the process! Lets just say that cleaning out that pipe was a very messy, disgusting process that involved lots of paper towels, bleach, boiling water, and ‘elbow grease’.

And now I am pleased to report that we are currently leak free! There is water freely flowing through the drain pipe and no water is building up at the bottom of the fridge. I have learned a ton about refrigerators in general and about ours especially. I also have prevented much more trouble to the appliance and to the floor in the kitchen 🙂 And what is the going rate for a Sub Zero repair man to come to the house? I don’t know and I don’t think I want to know. But we aren’t paying it this time since I decided to get dirty 🙂

Thanks for reading my silly saga and remember that this tale is told to inspire you all to try something new and learn as you go!

Peace and health,


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  1. Jennifer, YOU ARE AWESOME! Shades of your adolescence when you were always my “go to” helper. I don’t know if you were just to naive to resist or what. The others just didn’t seem interested or didn’t want that intense a session with Dad.

    • I’m not sure if I always had a choice 🙂 but I usually did enjoy learning stuff with you. It made for good memories of time spent together. You also taught me that I could figure out things and do them if I tried. Thanks for that Daddy!

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