Personal Paradise Tuesday – The girl in my heart is smiling!

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?
Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?


Happy Tuesday friends! My personal paradise moment this week is very simple, very girly, and very pink.


Such pink pretties!
Such pink pretties!


We have such a wonderful piece of property to enjoy here and we are blessed with many types and shades of flowers. Of course my littles love to pick me small bouquets and decorate the table, top of the piano, mantle, and whatever else they can with little vases (or shot glasses!) of lovely nature. In spite of that, we still have many lovely specimens to enjoy that are growing all around us. Recently these pink beauties have sprouted up and I was out taking some pictures of them the other day.




They are delicate, fresh, and pretty, and can please the most pink loving person that ever was born!




The really cool part about these flowers is that I realized that they will make a perfect collection of artwork for one of my walls. We are going to paint our guest bathroom a very similar shade of pale pink and if I print out and frame a couple of these pictures it will be the perfect accessory for the wall!

How simple is that – art work from our own surroundings!




What do you have around you that compliments or decorates your life? I’d love to hear about it!

Peace and Health,


2 comments on “Personal Paradise Tuesday – The girl in my heart is smiling!

  1. As the most pink loving person who was ever born, except possibly Nannie from whom I got that gene
    , I am loving this photos!

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