Is anyone home? Only the dinosaurs!

Look out!
Look out!


Ah, Facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with it. But sometimes it is so worth having. Recently I was out at night and for some reason was checking Facebook on my phone – which I actually don’t often do.

But I digress.

Anyway, thank goodness I didn’t have a drink that I was just sipping at that moment because if I had been, the mouthful would have been sprayed all over my phone. Mr Hubby had just posted the following status from home:

Me (meaning Mr Hubby): “Will you calm down in there?”

3-year-old: “I’m not here right now. I am a dinosaur.”

Now perhaps you might not think this as funny as I do but if you knew the fireball of a personality that our Mr T has you would probably be just as amused as I was. Mr T is very petite but has a personality the size of Godzilla! I could just picture the matter-of-fact way that this was said but also the intense dinosaur behavior that was occurring around this statement.


My little beastie dinosaur moves too fast for focus!
My little beastie dinosaur moves too fast for focus!



I swear that these children of mine drive me crazy but make me laugh and keep my happier than I could ever have imagined.

I love my crazy dinosaur boy!


This inspires my mama heart :)
This inspires my mama heart 🙂


What do your loved one’s do to make you smile or laugh out loud?

Peace and health,


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  1. Many thanks to be so helpful as a blogger and leader in the field.

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