Christmas Memories and Future!

A flash back to Christmas 2006!
A flash back to Christmas 2006!

Sitting in front of the Christmas tree with the colored lights twinkling amidst the total darkness of the room, silence pressing softly around…

Thumping feet and excited voices tearing into the room searching for holiday surprises…

Smooth, thick, warm, hot cocoa sliding down my throat while I snuggle into the couch and enjoy a slow rise to the day…

Rolling over and wishing your beloved a sleepy good morning before embarking on extended family celebrations…

A lovely gift from a friend a few years ago :)
A lovely gift from a friend a few years ago 🙂

What lovely holiday memories do you have? Or perhaps it is time to make new ones? No matter what your winter holiday time traditions are, I hope you can take a few minutes to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

For many of us the holiday season is a time when we get caught up in a collection of expectations and rushed events. Then the actual days blow through like a fierce March wind. After the holidays, do you feel let down, exhausted, or have a sense that you missed something? I have often been in that place and I don’t enjoy the feeling at all. Then a couple of years ago I read something helpful. With many jobs or events in our lives we spend time in formal debriefing after events. Why not do that with our holiday season?

A favorite ornament from our tree this year.
A favorite ornament from our tree this year.

So think back to your last holiday. What did you think of how things went? Were there parts that worked well? Things that you did that you didn’t like? What can you do this time that would change the outcome of how you feel after everything is all over?

This ornament is Mr Hubby's. :)
This ornament is Mr Hubby’s. 🙂

For some of us, we will want to take some shortcuts. Maybe buy some side dishes so we don’t have to make everything from scratch. For others we might want to be more involved. Maybe try our hand at hosting a party or do a craft with our kids. Whatever it is, really try to figure out what will make you enjoy the experience and leave you and your loved ones feeling rested and connected.

Another view of our Personal Paradise perhaps?
Another view of our Personal Paradise perhaps?

I sincerely wish peace and happiness for you all this Christmas season and share your tips with me below – we could all use fresh ideas!

Peace, health, and Merry Christmas!


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  1. thank you so so so much for the memories mom.

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