Sunset Café Saturday – My Easy Laundry Organization

Join me for a warm drink?
Join me for a warm drink?

Another week under our belts! How was yours? This week was one of rest and recovery in several ways for us. We are boosting up our health and prepping for some fun weekend activities.

No spoilers yet, but if all goes well I will soon be able to post some cool pictures of my impending house project for the month. 🙂 I am also working on a bit of reorganization here in our household in a few areas. Mostly tweaking my own routines.

One thing that I have kept up on, even with some scheduling challenges, is the laundry. I feel like I have a good routine down and there is a smooth flow of the daunting amount of laundry through our machines.


Some days feel like I need this :)
Some days feel like I need this 🙂


Since we have quite a plethora of fabric items to be cared for I really have to do some laundry almost everyday. So here is how I break it down:

Monday: diapers (yes, we cloth diaper about 90% of the time)

Tuesday: girl and baby clothes

Wednesday: boy clothes

Thursday: diapers

Friday: sheets, towels, or other household linens

Saturday and Sunday: parent’s clothes

So there it is – the way we keep ourselves clothed in cleanliness and the baby’s bum happy!


My sweet diaper baby after tub time.
My sweet diaper baby after tub time. Don’t you love the hair?


The upcoming week’s plan is to rework a bit of my homeschooling record keeping and spend some time outside.

Yes, you read that right – me, outside in this cold!


Me actually having fun in a blizzard!
Me actually having fun in a blizzard!


I know that I need the sunshine and the kids could certainly benefit from a little stretch. So I don’t know if it will be a jog or walk with the stroller, time on the playground, or play time in the yard, but we are getting out!


What plans do you have for the week? Any organizational tips for me to share? I’d love to hear them!

Peace and health,


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