Personal Paradise Tuesday – How I Am Making Valentine’s Day Sweet Again


Join me for a warm drink?
Join me for a warm drink?


Hello Friends! It’s a good day for our Personal Paradise again. Today I am taking some extra time to really savor an up coming holiday.



Valentines Day is just days away and this can fill some people’s hearts with sweet thoughts and excited anticipation but others are experiencing annoyance, anxiety, or even depression. I mentioned in another post about how I am feeling this year, pre-holiday. Aside from celebrating the actual St Valentine (here is an interesting article about him) , I haven’t been really in the mood for celebrating the hearts and candy kind of Valentine’s Day for many of the past 14 years. The reason for that was because my Grandmother Mary died on Valentine’s Day itself all those years ago. Now, I was never really absorbed in the commercial holiday but after Grandma Mary died it just didn’t seem worth celebrating that day.


Over the years I have mellowed a bit and have had some nice celebrations in the past several years. But each year I have the choice again to focus on our loss or on the fun, frivolity of pink hearts and candies.


Of course I must say at this point that Mr Hubby is always an awesome man and makes me feel loved on Valentine’s Day, and everyday. However he has also been very sensitive to honoring my feelings – whichever they are on any given year. We don’t usually make a big deal on the day but he likes to pamper me a little. 🙂


This should be enough stuff to do something with, don't you think?
This should be enough stuff to do something with, don’t you think?



This year I thought it would be fun to celebrate love in many ways with the whole family. My children and I gathered up all manner of love inspired crafty supplies and set to work! we made Valentines for Mr T’s preschool class.



He's ready to express his love!
He’s ready to express his love!




It’s nice to get a little pretty object other than candy!




Such a 'punny' valentine!
Such a ‘punny’ valentine!



We also made valentines for the grandparents and each other. We even made little drop boxes that we tied to the back of each person’s chair at the dining table. I don’t know what else we will do on the day itself but I’m just happy that we will all actually have some time together without too much interference from other activities. So I’m taking this Valentine’s Day and claiming it a fun, loving, enjoyable day celebrating the lives of the ones we love, both present and far away! How are you spending the day? My wishes to all of you for a happy, love-filled Valentine’s Day!

Peace and health,


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