Personal Paradise Tuesday – The Blessings of a Nerf Gun

My personal sunset café deck. |
Join me for a warm drink?


It was a typical day in our homeschooling household. Several children each working on something different and I was starting to feel like I was trying to keep too many plates spinning. Mr G was finally napping and Mr T was starting to get antsy. Suddenly he looked at me and said, “Mama, I want you to come outside with me and play.” I was about to tell him I couldn’t when I hesitated.


Looking from one older child to the next I decided I could spare a few minutes for my anxious little one who hadn’t had enough of my attention yet that day. So with the agreement that it sadly had to be a short trip, we traipsed outside.


On the way through the garage I spied the tiny nerf gun that he had been given recently. I’m normally not a fan of gun play but nerf guns are so fun that I bend a bit on this issue. We agreed to take turns using his fun toy. It was quite cold but the sun was out and there was no wind. As we watched the foam missiles arc through the sky and he shouted with glee, we each breathed deep the chilly air. All too soon I knew I needed to go inside to make sure that the others were staying on track. (They would get their outdoor time later.)


Watch out Mama - I've got my nerf gun! |
Watch out Mama!


Amazingly, Mr T was very agreeable to going back inside. What a relief to both of us that a mere 10 minutes of sunshine time where he had Mama’s complete attention was enough to satisfy him and make him feel right with the world again. And of course I spent the rest of the afternoon in a better state thanks to the fresh air break.


Three boys in the snow - post snowball fight. |
Three boys in the snow – post snowball fight.


Of course they really like it when I play in the snow with them too. 🙂


Snowy Mama and boys after our workout and play! |
Snowy Mama and boys after our workout and play!


I never though I’d be so thankful for a little nerf gun! And what about you? What surprise blessings have you found recently?

Peace and health,


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