Book Review: The Sacred Year

How do you choose books to read? Sometimes I take recommendations from friends, sometimes it is a classic that I never have gotten around to reading, but sometimes I just meander through the library perusing the shelves for interesting covers or catchy titles. This book I’d like to share with you was one of these finds. The full title is “The Sacred Year: Mapping the Soulscape of Spiritual Practice – How contemplating apples, living in a cave, and befriending a dying woman revived my life.”


This book is a fresh, fascinating read. |
This book is a fresh, fascinating read.



The book is written by Michael Yankoski and it is a real gem! The beginning of this book was intriguing in the way the author weaves how he came to embark on his year of a variety of spritual activities and practices to try and find the meaninful practice and expression of his personal faith journey.


Mr Yankoski, like so many people practicing a faith life, finds that he is missing the day to day real life application of his beliefs. He begins to open his world to a few traditional paths as well as some very unconventional ideas. One of the more quirky tasks that he sets for himself is digging a grave while contemplating the death and dying process. Another experience he has that I found very personally relevent was his befriending a woman at the very end of her life.


One of the things that I liked the most aobut Mr Yankoski’s writting is that he made his profound discoveries very accessable in the way that he shared his heartfelt reactions and his thoughts but that the small glimmers of hope or the slowly unfolfing revelations bore just as much weight. In fact, the reader gets to know him that much better through the simple daily insights. I have to admit that it has been a long times since I have been so impacted by a book in the genre of spirituality but this one has helped inspire me to look at life a littke slower, a little closer, and with a little more compassion for myself and my fellow humans.


If you have read this book I would love to hear your opinion. If you haven’t, have a look if you get the chance and let me know what you think. 🙂


Peace and health,


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