How To Get a Preschooler To Pay Attention

Good morning Friends! Here is a tricky task for us today: how to get the 2-5 year old crowd to give us their attention and follow directions.

Like I said, not too easy. 🙂

Once upon a time I had three little ones under five and I hung out quite a bit with a great friend who also had three little ones in less than five years. (Only she had twins!) If we were out and about we had to have some way to get those crazy darlings to look at us when we were talking to them and you can imagine our struggles. 🙂 My friend then did something amazing! She told her little boy: “Find Mommy’s nose.” That cherub looked his Mama in the eyes and touched his chubby little finger right to her nose and listened to what she said. Well, I was impressed. Now I actually hate to have anyone touch my nose so I thought I would just switch it up slightly. Later that night I was trying to get my small fry into pyjamas and I said, “Find Mama’s nose.” I had each of us touch our own noses and then meet our two fingers together – tip to tip. Well, watch out world, because I had eye contact and a focused listener! We proceded to teach all those little this handy trick and when used judicisiously it helped us immensely.


"Find the nose!" |
“Find the nose!”


Now that I am in this age bracket again, I have pulled out and dusted off this fun little technique. I still find it helpful and I hope some of you will too.

Enjoy this magical age!

Peace and health,