Sunset Saturday Café – What is Your Favorite Indulgence?

Some days are all work, aren’t they? And sometimes those busy days stretch into long periods of time where it feels like all we ever do is work! When I feel like this it helps to have some kind of a little personal indulgence. What to indulge with? That can be as unique to each person as their fingerprint! Some people like a warm bubble bath, some prefer time curled up with a good book, still others a gooey brownie or steaming cup of coffee. The tricky part is actually taking the time to enjoy the break.


Beautiful coffee art :) |
Beautiful coffee art 🙂


What holds you back from taking a break? So many people feel the pressure to keep going and doing for other people until they are completely exhausted. Once we reach that point it takes so much more time and effort to recover!

Many people don’t feel they deserve to put other people’s needs on hold to attend to their own. It is so much easier though to give love with our duty if we remember the tiny pampering to ourselves.


Luxury bath! |
Luxury bath!


Another thing that can hold us back from taking a quick moment to indulge is financial constraints. It is hard to spend money if we know we need it for something important. But there are so many inexpensive ways to indulge! A bubble bath is almost free. A good book can be obtained for nothing from the library. A special coffee blend can be bought and saved for just special occasions. Even a stop at the florist can be inexpensive, but beautiful, if you get one gorgeous rose or a small bouquet of seasonal flowers.


Gorgeous flower! |
Gorgeous flower!


The goal for those of you who feel the need for this element in your life but have not been fulfilling that need, look at your calendar – right now if possible! Make the commitment to look at the week coming up and put your event on that calendar. It needn’t be hard, long, or expensive.

So how will you treat yourself this week? It can be simple or elaborate, 30 minutes or five, but make sure you feed your soul at least once this week. Share your ideas with me – I’d love to hear!

Peace and health,


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