Jam Name Contest Winner!!

I have a thank you and an apology to give to you all today. Some time ago I posted a naming contest for my multi berry homemade jam. I received some wonderful feedback and I promised that I would update you all with the winning name. Meanwhile, the time has just slipped on by without me letting you all know the outcome!

Well today I am here to let you know what name my jams are now sitting under! It was a close race with lots of fabulous choices. But now my lovely pots of purple deliciousness are proudly sporting the name:

Pot o’ Berry Heaven!


My Pot 'o Berry Heaven Jam | risingeden.com
My Pot ‘o Berry Heaven Jam


Thank you all for your participation. I hope this year will yield as much wonderful fruit to create a new batch of goodies. šŸ™‚

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