Are We At War With The Neighbors?

What boy doesn’t like battling the “bad guys” right? Even though my sons are loving, kind boys they still enjoy imaginary battles between good and evil. I think this plays an important role in how they define their purpose as strong protectors later in life. I do try to make sure that they know how to constructively problem solve but a little mock battle never hurt.

So for the past couple of weeks Mr. B has been reading a great book called, “The Art of the Catapult” by William Gurstelle. This naturally leads to the desire to build a catapult or ¬†trebuchet. Next thing I know, Mr Hubby arrives home from work and greets me with the question, “Are we at war with the neighbors?” It seems our creative son has scavenged logs from the woods, bungee cords, and a few other things to build a catapult in the front yard that just happens to be aimed across the street. Thank goodness our houses are pretty far apart!


A trebuchet ready to launch! |
A trebuchet ready to launch!


It is a beautiful thing to watch the creativity of our children isn’t it? This is one of the great things about having free time in their day. So many children run from event to event every day and then there is no time for free play. Amoungst many, this is one of the reasons we choose to home school. I wanted our children to have the time to play, problem solve, and enjoy pursuing their particular interests. For Mr. B it is science, math, and building. For Miss S it is imaginary play and story weaving. My little boys just want to play, rough house, and make messes!


Mr K's cool creation |
Mr K’s cool creation



We could all take a page from our children’s play books. What make us happy? What passions drive us? I challenge myself and all of you to spend a little time this week on what makes you unique and happy!


Peace and health,


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