Personal Paradise Tuesday – How to Encourage a Heart for Service

Happy Tuesday!

We were late for our appointment today. I can’t stand being late but there we were, strolling in about ten minutes after our scheduled time.

And I was thankful.

Sounds a little inconsistent, yes? This is actually where my personal paradise moment come from this week. I could have taken our delay as just another frustrating moment in our day but I decided to take those few moments and appreciate the meaning behind them.


This is our sweet first fur baby, Flash. |
This is our sweet first fur baby, Flash.


As we have been driving around our neighborhood this past weekend we noticed some flyers posted about a lost dog. Being animal lovers, my older three children were so worried for this lost pup. They asked me if they could watch out for him as we drove around on our errands. How can you say no to that? Then they brought up a good point: What do we do if we see him? We need to have the owners number with us at all times, just in case. So today we had to make a detour. We pulled over to one of the flyers and wrote down the pertinent information on our way to the appointment.

Do I think we will find this lost doggie? Probably not. But when my children show an inkling of giving of their time and talents, it is something I want to encourage.


A tolerant and well loved doggie. |
A tolerant and well loved doggie.


So go ahead and take a pause. Throw over the scheduled events for the day, or just delay them for at least a few minutes so that we can teach our children to develop that heart for service. If we encourage it when they are young and willing, it will hopefully grow into an excellent practice for self donation as adults and then the whole world will benefit!

Peace and health,


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