Personal Paradise Tuesday – The View From My Couch

Welcome back Friends! I am so glad to be back here sharing with you all! I could call this break my spring break even though it was more forced than voluntary. But in the spirit of full disclosure, and because my personal paradise moment has a little to do with it, I will admit that I have been suffering a terrible cold for the last two weeks. I am finally feeling better but my stamina has been much slower in returning than I would like.

So with a deep sigh of relief I am finally getting back to my usual routine. This leads me easily into my personal paradise moment for today though.

I am feeling particularly grateful for my couch.

It is nothing fancy or special. In fact, it is even about 13 years old. But having spent quite some time lying on it and sleeping on it lately, I am so happy that it is a very comfortable piece of furniture.

Decked out with some extra pillows and throws it can accommodate a variety of adjustments for rest. And certainly my little ones can appreciate our couch being roomy enough to cuddle on with me when this Mama isn’t up to doing much else!

What about you? Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your house?  What makes it great? I’d love to hear about it!

Peace and health,


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