Personal Paradise Tuesday – Giant Puppets on Stage!

Happy Tuesday! After a couple of weeks of re-stabilizing our family routine and shifting to a new spring schedule we are enjoying several fun events and activities. Today my children enjoyed some outside time, running in the sun and climbing trees. But one little boy didn’t get as much outside time as the others. And for a very good reason.


I love the feeling in the theater before a show :) |
I love the feeling in the theater before a show 🙂


Mr T and I had a special date in the form of a preschool field trip to the theater! We saw an amazing play created with giant puppets all about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. It was amazing! The performance was put on by the organization Arts on Stage, Ltd and I have been privileged to have seen them perform several pieces over the last few years. What a great organization! Their acting is amazing and their professionalism is exceptional! We always walk out happy and full of enjoyment from the productions.


Pre show excitement! |
Pre show excitement!


So my personal paradise moment today was the couple of hours that I got to spend just Mr T and I. I held him on my lap and watched the play, but I probably spent at least half the time watching my little boy’s face. With the expressions of excitement, amazement, and pleasure passing across his little features made me settle back in my seat and just enjoy the moment.


Thank you Arts On Stage! |
Thank you Arts On Stage!


How many moments of innocent amazement pass us by because we are caught up in the daily activities and we don’t have a chance to just watch our children’s faces?

Don’t get me wrong. I am the mama of 5 little crazy ones so I don’t sit around staring at my babies (or not so much babies!) very much. But that is all the more reason to catch those moments that we can.

By the time I got back to pick up my other littles from my sweet friend who was loving on them for the morning, I missed them and was so happy to see my smallest Mr G. However it is wonderful to enjoy little bits of one-on-one time with each child now and then. 🙂

What has been going on in your world? Any paradise moments for you all? Share with me please!

Peace and love,


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  1. Oh Jen… What a lovely description of the sweet innocent joy in your precious Mr. T
    Three cheers for you, for noticing and then sharing. It makes me feel close to the pack, even though we meet not so often.
    Love and hugs all round!

    The Five Little Peppers and how they grew

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