Personal Paradise Tuesday – The Song of a Needy Child

Happy Tuesday! How do you Mamas feel today?

You know those days when you feel like the worst Mama on the planet? Yup, I know those days too.

Or the ones where you are totally on top of your game and you feel like you might be getting the hang of this mothering thing? I’ve been there too.

Or maybe even the days when you feel like Enemy #1 and all your children seem to think you are only in their lives to ruin them? Oh yes, there also!

Today I am in a happy middle ground with a sweet spot. Today’s Personal Paradise moment might sound a little strange at first. But mine often do. 🙂 My Paradise moment is the several times in the last few days that one or another of my  children is crying for me in either pain or distress.


One of my cuties at a very needy age. :) |
One of my cuties at a very needy age. 🙂


That might qualify for a moment of wanting to hide under the covers in my bed, (and sometimes it does!) but  I am seeing something different today. Now, behind the distress, I can see trust and reliance. The other day one of my crew hurt their leg and even with many friends and family members around, she called for me. Insisted that she needed only me.

Was it a little dramatic? Maybe.

But the recognition that I would come and help her – comfort her – no matter what, was encouraging to me. It confirmed for me that she trusts me. That she knows that I know her well enough to make sure that her needs are met. It is occasionally nice to be needed.


Sometimes you just need a hug! |
Sometimes you just need a hug!


Next one of our Eden cubs has been having trouble with the seasonal allergy symptoms. I told him what would help.

He hated the idea.

But, he submitted to my treatment sadly knowing that I was probably right. The best part of that one? The crumply, tearful face looking into mine – his eyes searching for understanding of his discomfort and expecting it to be there. He wasn’t happy but he relied on me to understand his troubles and sympathize with his misery, even if I had to push him through it at the same time.


And sometimes we are all worn out! |
And sometimes we are all worn out!


One more example: Another of our young ones was having educational struggles. He was very frustrated and was probably tired of wrestling with the offending subject. When I pushed him to help identify what was not working, he struggled – but, he thought and finally tried to put words to his feelings. I’m sure he was hoping and trusting that I could help some way or maybe just understand enough to give him some direction. How I appreciate that he forged ahead and kept trying with me!

Goodness knows the neediness of children isn’t always something I deal with well, but at least today I am seeing through happier eyes. I just hope I can revisit this feeling often enough!


A little perspective is a blessing. |
A little perspective is a blessing.


How do you deal with needy, clingy, or anxious children? I’m always ‘all ears’ for another person’s perspective!

Peace and health,



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