Welcome Back Wednesday!

Hello all! I have missed being here and I’m back to celebrate Rising Eden’s return from hiatus to this space of blog-fun! I hope you are all enjoying your own corner of the world and please forgive the extra long break I took.

It may not be Tuesday but I thought I would recommence with a Personal Paradise Moment since that is how this blog came about once upon a time.

Today’s Paradise Moment is a silly little thing that keeps me organized but mostly makes me smile. For many households there are many different keys for various things around the house. Doors, cabinets, safe boxes, who knows? It is certainly easiest if these keys don’t get lost and they often can be stored together so you don’t have to remember where each one is.



My Little Key House | risingeden.com
My Little Key House



I happen to have the best place to keep the little keys so they don’t get lost. Even our mower’s key stays here so we always know where to find it! The best part is that it looks like a little house. 🙂



A peek inside the key house! | risingeden.com
A peek inside the key house!


The little drawers hold our keys (but the mower one usually sits on top!) Isn’t it sweet?


There's some space left in this drawer! | risingeden.com
There’s some space left in this drawer!


Perhaps it’s a little silly that such a cute little thing makes me so happy, but pretty functionality is a great source of satisfaction in making a house a home. What little trinkets make you happy? Or perhaps you have another tip to share for keeping your extra keys organized? Share with me please!

Peace and health,


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