Sunset Café Saturday – Are You Having a Busy Summer or a Productive and Experiential Summer?

Good morning Friends! Around here our summer is whipping by us with race car speed. Everywhere we encounter friends and acquaintances we are asked: “How is your summer going?” The standard answer, in case you didn’t know, is: “Too fast” or “Very busy”. While that may be true for us as well, I have been trying not to use these answers.

Why? Well, for some reason they feel trite and ungrateful.


The magic of sparklers is wonderful! |
The magic of sparklers is wonderful!



If I respond with “too fast” I feel like I am not appreciating the time we have and I am complaining about time passing too quickly in general, which I am wont to do anyway. Time will always fly by when we are having fun, and especially when we are having fun with our children who grow up to quickly anyway. If we want to enjoy our children we have to make the time and actually appreciate it while it is happening.

If I respond with “very busy” then I feel like my priorities are out of alignment. A wise man I knew once said: “Busyness is an act of violence” and I believe that wholeheartedly! If we are “busy” then we are usually not taking time to prioritize the most important things – and people. There is a distinct difference between being productive and occupied, and being busy. Busy means that we are allowing the things and encounters of life happen to us and we are simply reacting and wading through life.


This was our beautiful campsite last week. |
This was our beautiful campsite last week.



I don’t wish for these definitions for my summer. I want a time filled with extra space and time to enjoy my family, the ability to do a few fun and/or necessary projects, and the great enjoyment of the beautiful weather. So far we have had a little of both. Some “busyness” but a bunch of other good stuff as well.

I am now claiming the rest of my summer for productive projects and critically important time spent with family, friends, and the earth.

How does that work in your world? Do you have home repairs you need to get too? Or perhaps you want to spend some time in the garden? Or do your little ones need more game time, story time, and time being strolled around the neighborhood?


Taking pictures of a beautiful sunset on a summer drive home. |
Taking pictures of a beautiful sunset on a summer drive home.




Whatever this looks like in your family, my challenge to you this week is just to make sure that you make time for the people in your life while you go through the necessary tasks of your days. Enjoy the weather – even if it is hot or extra sunny. Don’t let the whole summer slip by while you are too busy. Use it up, wear it out, and wring the joy out of every day as much as you can so at the end of the summer you can claim it was a productive, experiential, exciting, peaceful, GOOD summer!

Peace and health,


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