Personal Paradise Tuesday – A Time Traveling Good Time!

Happy Tuesday Friends! After having some members of our family camping off and on for the past week and half, I feel a bit scattered in my normal routine. I am also catching up on the usual household routine. (read: crazy amounts of laundry to be done!)

Of course a good time was had by all and with the exception of some serious sunburn on one poor soul, we all survived the excursions without any injuries.

Today’s Personal Paradise moment is both sweet, geeky, and fun. Once I joined the current age of technology and got my first smart phone, which was much later than most of the world, I was using it a good bit more and therefore needed to charge it more frequently. With that in mind I really needed a new charger for my car. Mr Hubby, being the sweet man that he is, decided that I needed a very special charger. One that would make me smile and tickle my fancy for the geeky side of life. So he bought me this:


"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!" |
“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”



How cool is that! Of course I love the Back To The Future Movies and I love the fact that this Flux Capacitor actually “Fluxes” with the pulsing light while it charges! The really fun thing is that I have most of my children convinced that if I turn on the Flux, we will drive faster and get where we want to be quicker. It is super cute to hear the little ones squeal: “We’re fluxing!” from the back seat. 🙂


Awesome Eighties Movie! |
Awesome Eighties Movie!


So, while money can’t buy happiness, a little toy with a practical side that makes you smile certainly is a fun thing to have. What makes you smile today?


Peace and health,


P.S. For those of you who haven’t seen the Back To The Future movies (and I can’t imagine that you haven’t!), I strongly recommend you make this your next home movie viewing indulgement. They are great fun!

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