What Are Your Five Flavors of Weird?

I can claim a lot of things in life and one of them is that I am a little weird. I always like to chuckle when people say they are weird because sometimes I think that their version of weird is my idea of totally normal! I think we all have our own scales of what constitutes normal, slightly strange, or completely weird, and they can be very different.

So in the interest of a little humor, I will share with you some things that make me weird. Or at least what some people have looked at me like I am funny for in the past. In no particular order:

1. I love organizing!

Pulling out piles of stuff and sorting, giving away, and trashing are so liberating. To create a new system of storing things so everything can be found and used at any moment would tickle my fancy. 🙂 Sometimes my family worries that I am de-cluttering too indiscriminately, but believe me, we still have way too much stuff! 😉


This used to be an entertainment unit that I repurposed into a toy storage shelf when we redecorated our old play room. | risingeden.com
This used to be an entertainment unit that I repurposed into a toy storage shelf when we redecorated our old play room.


2. I homeschool our children!

Ok, so that might not sound weird to many of you but depending on the circles you run in it might seem pretty out there. I have encountered almost every type of person with a stereotype in mind of the ‘typical homeschooler’. Most people who don’t homeschool or know many homeschooling families often think that we must fall into one of a few camps: ultra conservative religious, anti government, super controlling and restrictive, or total hippies! I claim no ownership of any of these. 🙂


Exploring my little boy's love of things that fly with him.  | risingeden.com
Exploring my little boy’s love of things that fly with him.


3. I am working on achieving fluency in a second language (not my mother tongue) with my children!

I have loved french since about the 3rd grade and would love to finally achieve a significant level of fluency. After many years of starts and stops, we are on our way. Many people think it is strange to try to speak a language you weren’t raised with in your home but I think it would be great for our children to see the world in more than one way. The kids think it is cool and fun to speak french and to all those that ask “Why?” I say, “Why not?”


Our french shelf as a good selection now. :) | risingeden.com
Our french shelf as a good selection now. 🙂


4. I love experimenting in the kitchen – when I am expecting guests and without practicing first!

I love to play in the kitchen and I love having other adults especially to test recipes on. (In case the children get finicky!) So my motto is: If it’s really awful, we throw it out and order pizza! Fortunately, I have very understanding and adventurous friends and family who are tolerant of my escapades. Also, I have been blessed enough to have mostly successes!


These tortillas turned out great! | risingeden.com
These tortillas turned out great!


5. Mr Hubby and I managed to fall in love and get married after meeting and getting to know each other while being on a sweaty and stinky backpacking trip!

We were leaders for an adventure trip program with our university and after all the awesome, and exhausting, and stressful, and fun experiences in the woods, we got to know each other in ‘real life’ and found that we couldn’t seem to happily live without each other. I have to say there are definitely benefits to having your date already know how dirty, smelly, and messy you can look – it’s all uphill from there!


Now a backpacking Daddy! | risingeden.com
Now a backpacking Daddy!


I hope you have had fun peeking into my weird world and I would love to hear what you think is weird too. Share something fun in the comments and let me know I’m not the only crazy lady out there!


Sitting on a lion is what everyone does, right?  | risingeden.com
Sitting on a lion is what everyone does, right? | risingeden.com

Peace and health,


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