Sunset Café Saturday – On Bonding With My Baby and Relishing My Summer

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat? |
Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?


Hi Friends! Today is hot and sunny around here and I am really enjoying it. Last year I felt like we barely had a summer. There wasn’t as much hot weather and I think we didn’t enjoy our time off enough either. So this summer I’m actually glad for the heat and I’m taking steps to rectify the other element.

I know that life flies by when you have and infant and with my last baby, Mr. G, this has been the case more than ever before. Between life changes, typical newborn stuff, losses in our family, and general day-to-day craziness, the last two years have just about disappeared in a blink.

So here I sit with a two-year old! I hate how my babies grow so quick but it is wonderful to watch them developing and accomplishing so much. Since he’s not so little that I can just snuggle up and nap with him anymore I decided that we would go on a date! With the fabulous Mr Hubby’s blessing (and him staying home with the others of course), Mr G and I were off to the local coffee shop to have breakfast together.


Our yummy breakfast choices. |
Our yummy breakfast choices.


We settled in with delicious food and drink and I watched him with smiles while he babbled away and enjoyed dominating my attention. Yes, a date with a two-year old doesn’t lend itself to very intellectually stimulating conversation, but being the youngest of five – this little boy just wants to have all mama’s attention once in a while. 🙂


Here's us just being us! |
Here’s us just being us!


We got a little silly but I hope you will excuse the bad cell phone pictures to just appreciate how we were enjoying our time together.

After that we have had a week of fun activities and lots of visiting with friends. Looking forward to this week I have several things on the horizon and many of them are fun projects for me, exciting activities with Mr Hubby and the kids, or just hanging out with people that we like. Of course, being the type of person who likes to be productive and useful most of the time, I had a moment of thinking, “Perhaps I should be doing other things instead…”(fill in the blank with all kinds of boring house chores or less savory projects around the house and yard). Then I realized that there are only a couple more weeks left in our summer break and we should totally be enjoying it!!

I hope that you all will also have the chance to enjoy some time off, visits with family or friends, or at least have something nice or fun for yourself. My challenge to you this week is to plan into your schedule at least one thing that you really WANT to do. And feel free to come back here to tell me all about it!

Now I must run to go hang out with one of my dearest friends. Yay!

Peace and health,


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