Personal Paradise Tuesday – Hand-Me-Down Gifts Are Excellent!

Today’s Personal Paradise post is an easy one! I was looking around our home, thinking of all the blessings we have and my eyes alighted on one of my new treasured belongings. My new/old cookbooks!

My Mr Hubby’s grandmother, whom I love as dearly as my own, has recently downsized and is clearing out almost 60 years worth of belongings that aren’t joining her on her new adventures. When Mr Hubby went up to her house he returned with a bunch of gems for us, not the least of which was the two-volume set of the first edition of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child! I am so excited to own these cookbooks!


Julia Child's Classics! |
Julia Child’s Classics!


In addition to my loving all things french, and all things cooking, and all things vintage, these books are written by an amazing woman who really lived the experience of making the best life out of what was around you and diving into your interests and passions. Being that this blog tries to bring that concept into the world, I love that I get to flex my culinary muscles with this woman’s work.


My cookbook favorites! |
My cookbook favorites!


So these awesome books now hold a place of honor on my shelves of cookbooks, which I just tidied up and reorganized. They sit on the right side of the shelf with some of my other favorites like my confiscated copy of The Joy of Cooking (sorry, Daddy!), The Bread Book by Linda Collister and Anthony Blake (one the best bread books ever!), and Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan (a gift from Mr Hubby).


An American classic! |
An American classic!


Now when I step into my kitchen and put on one of my favorite aprons, one of which happens to be a hand-me-down from my own grandmother, I feel like I am quite the well-prepared and well-advised chef! It is lovely that I can teach my children how to cook from these time-honored volumes that not only are well-respected and informative, but they also books with a personal family connection.


I love this bread book! |
I love this bread book!


How fun is that?!

Have you ever received a great hand-me-down gift? Or do you maybe have another fantastic cookbook to recommend?

Peace and health,


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