A Wistful Friday

Here in our home we go to the library rather frequently. We also get out scads and scads of books at any one time. I have been known to reach 80 books out at one time. Yikes! Upon one of our recent trips we checked out a book simply for the draw of the title. The book is Bad Dog, Flash, a picture book about this adorable dog’s adventures in mischief and fun. The title tickled our fancy since Mr Hubby and I’s first baby was a mutt that we adopted from the Humane Society a mere 3 weeks after we got married. His name was Flash but he wasn’t bad. He was a sweet, darling dog that we loved to pieces until he went to the Happy Hunting Grounds four years ago. Flash was with us for a fabulous 11 years and was the buddy to four of our five children. It still stings a bit that Mr G never got to meet him. 🙁


Go check out this adorable book! | risingeden.com
Go check out this adorable book!


So with our new crazy puppy I have found myself saying, “Bad dog Flash!” to her when she is being naughty. It makes me smile as I think of the book because the dog in the book is so tricky but cute, and it makes me remember my first sweet dog-baby. This new puppy whose name is Hedda occasionally reminds me of our old Flash actually.


My beautiful doggy Flash | risingeden.com
My beautiful doggy Flash


I miss our Flash and I think you never quite lose your devotion to your first pet, no matter how many come after. I hope we will be able to have our other pups as long, and for as good a time as we had Flash!


One of the last days of Flash's life when the kids were giving him love by surrounding him with stuffed friends! | risingeden.com
One of the last days of Flash’s life when the kids were giving him love by surrounding him with stuffed friends!


Do you have a pet you miss? Or perhaps you are wistful for something else this week? Share your good memories here with me and I will keep them in my thoughts this weekend. 🙂

Peace and Health,


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