Sunday Reflection – August 9, 2015

“All too often modern people become the plaything of their circumstances because they no longer have any leisure time, or rather, they don’t know how to provide themselves with the leisure tehy need to stop for a moment and take a good look at themselves. they haven’t time to become aware of themselves as persons. Having resigned themselves to their situation, modern people no longer even dare to recollect themselves because they would have to face up to their responsibilities, and these frighten them. Running about wildly gives them the impression that they’re still alive and useful. In point of fact they’re walking in a daze, they’re out of touch with themselves, and their lives have been ruduced to mere instinct. Hence modern people are no longer worthy of the name; they’re little more than an animal. Learning to stop for a few moments is the first step on the road back to sanity.”

-Michael  Quoist

The Meaning of Success



Peace and health,


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