Personal Paradise Tuesday- A View of My Morning

Good morning Friends! On this lovely morning I spent my “Mama’s Morning Time” on my deck as I usually do. Now before I share my Personal Paradise Moment for today I would like to share with you what I mean by “Mama’s Morning Time”.


The view from the chair on my deck this morning. |
The view from the chair on my deck this morning


In an effort to make my mornings (and my days) work for me instead of feeling like I was constantly playing catch up or running around, I have been working on making over my mornings. I started this process thanks to one of my favorite bloggers and authors: Crystal Paine of

When I received the very timely email with notice of her new program, “Make Over Your Mornings” , I figured it had to be for me!

I went through the e-course ย and found so much to work with! I am still struggling to get to bed on time but the activities are truly helping me improve my day-to-day plan so that my life is more calm, focused, and productive. In case you are wondering, I do not gain anything from this glowing review: I just really think it is great. Thanks Crystal!

So my morning time is the first part of my day during which I try to take at least 15 minutes to center myself and get organized for the day – without my children running circles around me. I am training them that they should not disturb Mama except in case of emergency. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most people would just tell me to get up before the kids but as I work occasional nights that isn’t a healthy option for me.

Consequently, this morning found me in my usual spot on my back deck, soaking up my few moments of peace. The bit that I am focusing on for my paradise moment is the comfortable seating that I am indulging in.



Food, drink, planning, go! |
Food, drink, planning, go!


This beautiful white wicker rocker is an absolute joy to sit in. It is comfortable but upright enough to keep me awake. It also fills my desire for prettiness. And the best part is that this beauty is having new life at my home after I received it from a beloved family member who didn’t need it anymore. Isn’t it lovely to share?



I think I could stay here all day. :) |
I think I could stay here all day. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hopefully you all are finding something pleasing in your day and if you think that the “Make Over Your Mornings” course sounds intriguing to you – go say ‘Hi’ at Crystal’s website and check it out.

Peace and health,



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