In With the Creative and Out With the Unecessary

This weekend (well, all week really) has a lot of shifting stuff involved with it. We have been the recipients of several awesome gifts from our very talented, artistic grandparents. Amongst these:


I love all the pretty colors! |
I love all the pretty colors!


and the whimsical:


This is what Mr Hubby wants to learn to do next. :) |
This is what Mr Hubby wants to learn to do next. 🙂



and the expressive:



Isn't Grandmother talented? |
Isn’t Grandmother talented?



Let’s just say that my children will not be lacking in art paper for quite some time since we also inherited a treasure trove of all kinds of art paper. (In a future post I will let you all in on how we are using a bunch of this paper during our “Morning Basket” time.)

I have also been busy in the kitchen with the last of the produce from our grape vines. I now have 12 jars of jelly that are sparkling on provisions shelf just beckoning with promises of grape, blueberry, and pomegranate flavors. Yum, yum!


Blueberry pomegranate grape jelly this year! |
Blueberry pomegranate grape jelly this year!



After all this creativity, it helps to have a little extra storage space. So I am doing one more big purge of extra clothing before the seasons change again. Can you believe I have so many extra clothes! I am going to sell the great stuff if I can and re-home whatever else I can. I hope to make a bit more room in my own closet too. Perhaps if I can finish this project, I can move on to the next items on my list. If all goes well, I will have this done by the end of next week.



A clothing explosion! |
A clothing explosion!




Ambitious? Very! But if I can get this stuff done before fall I will be thrilled and the holiday season will be a bit easier. 🙂

Besides, fall feels a little closer since the summer is officially over. How do I justify making this statement? Because we were here last night:



The State Fair 2015! |
The State Fair 2015!



I always think of the State Fair as the true end of summer. So, off we go into the post summer/pre fall season!

What plans do you all have? Or how are you holding on to your summer fun? Please share with me anything you are up too – I love to hear it!

Peace and health,


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