Do You Have A Hole In Your Basket?

Have you ever found yourself talking with someone and realized that the conversation resulted in a piece of wisdom for both of you? Such was the case for one of my sons and I yesterday. As I raise my children I am trying to equip them with social skills that will make them successful in many areas. Of course I want them to be well-educated and be able to maintain a good source of employment to support themselves and their families, but I really just want them to be able to have healthy, caring, supportive relationships with other people around them.


In order to make progress toward achieving that goal we try to help the kids understand what makes up a caring, kind person and how best to communicate with others. So while my son and I were talking about relating to other people on a day-to-day basis, I was pointing out that we all, as individuals, have strengths and weaknesses. I found myself relating to my boy that the goal to improving oneself was to capitalize on your strengths and enhance them while shoring up your weakness and learning to work on those.



Are there treasures in here? |
Are there treasures in here?


We ended up with a clever analogy for this aspect of life. You can liken it to a basket full of things. The basket is my boy (or myself, or anyone!). The stuff in it is life: relationships, jobs, etc. Your basket may be beautiful with the most sturdy and stable handle in the world! But unfortunately there is a hole in the bottom of that basket. So no matter how strong that handle is, the elements of life will slip and fall since no one had taken the effort to work on the flaws in the base.


We all have areas in which we are as strong as can be and need very little improvement. And yet we all also have spots that seriously challenge us and we are consistently weak in. Without patching the holes or weak areas we won’t be able to carry the load of a well-balanced life – no matter how strong the rest is.


A bucket of beach treasures. |
A bucket of beach treasures.



So my Boy – let’s work on patching our “baskets” and while we continue to improve ourselves, let’s share the load of life and split the weight so neither of us breaks. 🙂

How is your “basket” doing? Any suggestions for our faithful work?

Peace and health,


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