Is Homeschool Organization An Oxymoron?

Hello Friends! For all my homeschooling readers out there, I have a question: “How do you organize your supplies and books?” This may be a trick question for some of us! For so many homeschoolers organization can sometimes seem like a state of being that will never be reached. It is so easy to get buried under books, papers, folders, pencils, etc.

So today I thought it might be fun to reflect on some good ways to tame the crazy in our chosen lifestyle. I have, over the years, used many different ways to corral our belongings for learning. When my small people were quite small, I stacked books and loaded little baskets with our learning materials and kept them in the bottom cabinet of my china cabinet. It was neat, tidy, and cleverly hidden.


Look at my sweet cuties! |
Look at my sweet cuties!


As the kids got bigger and were using more things, I changed how we did our learning and we switched to a multi-drawered approach that was divided among the kids for easier access and with a better division for self-directed learning.


Homeschool lunch takes place on the deck! |
Homeschool lunch takes place on the deck!


That one small tower certainly doesn’t meet our needs now! Fortunately, I became the recipient of a beautiful piece of furniture from my Grandmother’s estate and we converted it into the “Homeschool Cabinet”.


Here's our pretty cabinet now! |
Here’s our pretty cabinet now!


The three oldest kids each have a section on the main shelves and there is a section for “together items” – meaning those books that we use as a group. The top shelf is reserved for Mama. My things include: books I am reading currently, special supplies, and answer keys.


The inside today - in all it's messy glory! |
The inside today – in all it’s messy glory!


Mr T and Mr G get to put their things in the bottom drawer and the upper drawer is our “math drawer”. This includes all manipulatives, flash cards, and other time and money games.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I also have a “curriculum shelf” downstairs that houses materials not being used this year or other items that are seasonal or intermittent in their use. But I do try to keep our supplies and books somewhat corralled since we do not have a dedicated “schoolroom”.

That way life can happen with a little less mess! (Theoretically!)

I’m sure so many of you have some other awesome ways that you keep track of your learning tools and I would love to see them or hear about them. Please feel free to comment about your days here or share a link to your little section of the internet.

I hope you had fun peeking into our corner of the world and hopefully our messes don’t scare off too many of you!

Peace and health,


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