6 Frugal Things I Did In September

I’ve had several conversations with people in my life lately about how to cut extra expenses in order to have a little extra cash for other goals. While I was evaluating my own life recently and the choices that we have made with our money I found that I have actually made several frugal choices in the past month without even thinking much about it! How great is that? It saves so much time and brain power to just go on auto pilot sometimes, and what better area of life would we benefit from the auto pilot mentality than to automatically save money!

So today I’m sharing the 6 ways that I have saved money in September.

1. We visited a local friend who sells eggs!

This is both frugal and slightly not actually. Our friend lives very close to us and has tons of extra duck eggs that she can’t possibly use so she makes a few dollars by selling them around the area. These are more expensive for me than the cheapest store-bought chicken eggs (hence, the not quite frugal!) but, these eggs are certainly much healthier as the ducks are free range and fantastically cared for. This makes them a little more frugal. The best part is that in all my searching in our area, the average price I’m finding is about $8-10 dollars per dozen! My lovely friend sells them for $4-6 per dozen! Now there is a good discount!

2. I made a packet of 5 lbs of beef stretch over 9 meals!


I do like the beef from this company. | risingeden
I do like the beef from this company.


I used this package for 3 dinners for the whole family and then cooked up a large batch of taco meat for lunches. I think we used the rest of that taco meat for at least 6 lunches between my Mr K and I. Some of the other kids had a little but Mr K is currently obsessed with taco salad so I become the “best Mama ever” if I keep him supplied with taco salad fixings. 🙂 And speaking of taco salad…

3. I made a large batch of taco seasoning from scratch!

I love this recipe for taco seasoning and it is so much cheaper than those little envelopes. Not to mention it is healthier since it only has spices that I control and no artificial preservatives. It tastes delicious!

4. I refilled our hand soap dispensers in the bathrooms from the large bottle of soap refill!

We use soap dispensers for easy hand washing in all the bathrooms and the kitchen but they can get pretty pricey! For one new bottle of hand soap you could pay at least $0.61/oz. If you buy the big bottle of refill soap and just use your old bottles, you can drop the cost down to a mere $0.13/oz. I actually just finished off our big refill bottle so I guess this month I might need a new one. 🙂


Lots of people love how the foaming pump works. | risingeden.com
Lots of people love how the foaming pump works.


5. I used veggies that I had pre-prepped and frozen for some baking!

I was gifted some fabulous, free zucchini but I couldn’t use it up quick enough so I prepped it for the freezer and I’ve used it for some muffins and cake. I even have a bit left for another batch or two of muffins. Look for a recipe soon!

6. I found premium photo paper for $1 at Goodwill!

I usually check when I go to Goodwill for stationary. I like to write letters and stationary can get pricey but there is often some cute paper materials for just a dollar or two. Imagine my pleasure when I found what I thought was stationary, but instead was premium glossy printer photo paper! Now I can print out some photos that I have taken  of flowers on our property that I have designs on hanging in our repainted guest bath.


My sweet Queen Anne's lace | risingeden.com
My sweet Queen Anne’s lace


There you have it Friends! My strides towards frugality are always a work in progress but I think it is fun to look at the month as a whole to see that I am actually making so progress with my goals.  How have you done with deals and savings? Any great finds or special savings going on? Share with us here!


Peace and health,


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