It’s A Rainy, Rainy Day – Activities To Keep Us Busy

Happy Weekend!

I am glad that it is the weekend but we are about to float away with all this rain we are having! I’m normally not that much of a fan of the rain. I am the type of person that feels much more awake and pleasant when it is sunny, so I’m working hard on an upbeat attitude during these days of non stop wetness.


The good thing about being cooped up indoors for several days is the opportunity to complete some projects around the house that I haven’t been getting done. The beautiful entrance of autumn has been constantly tempting me out-of-doors before all this rain. 🙂


Playing on the climbing wall! |
Playing on the climbing wall!



So here is a quick glimpse of our damp weather activities:


Miss S was helping to get ahead in the baking department. My children love having “Muffin Monday”. I usually bake several dozen muffins ahead of time and just stash them in the freezer. We then pull out a dozen every Sunday night and have them with fruit or eggs the next morning. Well this poor Mama has dropped the ball in the muffin making for longer than she cares to admits! So today we got going again, using up some more of the zucchini that I had left, and we ended up with 7 dozen muffins. Yay! This means we are set for at least a month and a half. 


(Sorry for the poor photo but it was a quickly shot with flour on my hands!)

My little baking helper! |
My little baking helper!



I also got a little gift shopping done. I have two dear friends whose birthdays are coming up and I stopped to pick up something pretty for them. If you are ever in the Baltimore area, you can’t find a beautiful gift boutique much better than The Boxwood Collection. It is a darling store with all kinds of lovely items. Of course the special ladies that work there are the kindest and most welcoming people. I’m not affiliated with them – I just really love them! 


So, I can’t show you the gifts themselves since they haven’t been opened by their recipients yet, but I can show off the gorgeous wrapping job the shop does. 



The Boxwood Collection gifts - what could they be?! |
The Boxwood Collection gifts – what could they be?!



Lastly, I will share the item I finally got a chance to print out for a cool language learning game to play with the kids. I found this one on pinterest and I can’t wait to see how it might help expand my children’s french developement. 



A french word game played with these cards and dice. |
A french word game played with these cards and dice.



All in all, not bad work for the rainy days so far! Next up is prepping for participation in one more local consignment sale and actually delivering these fun birthday presents!


What have you all got on your schedules this weekend?


One more thing: I’d love some feedback on the new look here. What do you think? Do you like the color of the background or would you rather see something more subtle? I can’t wait to here your impressions. Thanks!


Peace and health,



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