3 Things That Don’t Go Together But Make For A Very Happy Week

Happy Tuesday Friends! It’s Personal Paradise Tuesday and I’m ready with a new post – with a bit of a twist.


Usually, my Personal Paradise moments are related to something that might not be considered positive unless it is viewed through the proper lens. Today I’m just going to share the happiness of unexpected gifts. There are 3 gifts that at least some of us are enjoying this week. The first item on my list has to do with some of our rainy day activities I talked about this past Saturday. Our friend gifted us some beautiful zucchini and I have been using them for baking a bunch lately. Now this week we are enjoying Blueberry Zucchini Muffins, Lemon Zucchini Muffins, and Chocolate Zucchini Cake! (Stay tuned for one of the muffin recipes next week!) Muffin Monday was back yesterday to many accolades. 🙂



Light, airy lemon zucchini muffins | risingeden.com
Light, airy lemon zucchini muffins



My second unexpected gift example is actually a prize that Mr K won at the last day of his fall golfing class. This was a new activity for him and he really enjoyed it. The teachers were engaging and he got a good bit of personal attention. So, the last day he placed 2nd in his group and he received this very fun couple of pirate accessories.



Ahoy thar mateys! | risingeden.com
Ahoy thar mateys!



He has been swinging the cutlass and sporting the bandana on his head for days! Not only that, this pirate theme has reawakened an interest in all things pirate including a favorite book of ours: How To Be A Pirate In 7 Days Or Less. We had so much fun working our way through this book when Mr B and Miss S were little and I think I feel a repeat of pirate training coming on!


The last unexpected gift was given to Mr Hubby as a thank you gift from one of his boy scout families. We are both immensely enjoying this delicious Puerto Rican coffee.



Our Puerto Rican gift!
Our Puerto Rican gift!



And isn’t the mug awesome? Check out the spoon! Mr Hubby was touched by the parents’ kindness to him in what he considers just part of his role as Scoutmaster. So now I’m thinking that we need to buy Puerto Rican coffee more often! Have you ever had any? What is your impression?


So there you have it – a very eclectic collection of unexpected blessings that take our everyday life and turn it into our own Paradise!


What fun or unexpected things do you have happening this week? If it’s hard to find something this week, that’s ok – just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then look about. I’m betting you will find one tiny thing to put a smile on your face.

Now thats a big smile! | risingeden.com
Now thats a big smile!


Peace and health,



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