The Gentlest Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover

What’s a girl to do?


Every woman needs to have a few pampering elements to their self-care routine. I have very fine, sensitive, pale skin that is often quite dry. I do like to wear a little makeup and I enjoy mascara to open up my eyes and highlight the long lashes that I actually have.


The problem is, getting that makeup off without destroying my skin! I don’t want to tear up that delicate eye area, but a good clean is necessary for healthy skin and anti-aging promotion. I don’t know why it took me so long but I finally realized that I was over thinking the issue.




Coconut oil - delicious and good for you! |
Coconut oil – delicious and good for you!


I love my coconut oil. I use it in baking and cooking and I know all about its health properties. So why not on the skin I’m trying to protect? Now I have to say that I am loving the tub of coconut oil in my makeup kit! It very easily removes my makeup, especially the eye makeup, and it is quick to absorb and very moisturizing.


So how do I use it? Very simple! I just massage the oil on to my face and neck, including the eyes. I wipe it off with a cotton pad then rinse with water. I often apply a bit more for moisture and leave it to absorb, which it does very quickly. The bonus: it seems to be reducing some of the tiny lines I’ve been noticing in the mirror lately and my skin is softer and less reactive to the environment!



Some of my makeup basics. |
Some of my makeup basics.



If you are tight on the budget, or just looking for a more natural skin care option, I encourage you to try this out – and be sure to tell me what you think. Or perhaps you have some other suggestions for me for price conscious, gentle skin care elements?


Peace and health,


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