Fall Decorating The Simple Way

I love having a pretty home and I love playing with decorating. Having my own space is fun to play in but I have always admired the people who can get their homes decorated for all the seasons and holidays to such beautiful detail. I wish I had unlimited time, money, and resources to make my home a full celebration of each season, but the reality is, I have a life full of celebration of family and kids! That isn’t always compatible with spending my days decorating when I have so many meals to make, lessons to run, games to play, and boo-boos to kiss. (Let’s not even go down the road of cleaning and behavior correction!) 

But that also doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun too! I decided that we can do seasonal decor the easy way. 🙂 Since our home has a beautiful fireplace and mantle I usually use that as our focal point, as well as making sure I have a nice wreath on the door. I like to start with a bit of garland or trim across the mantle and then add in elements to balance the mantle with little things that we already own and love.



Simple but festive enough to feel good. | risingeden.com
Simple but festive enough to feel good.



The wreath sets the tone out front and a little porch/yard decoration is a plus! 



Our sweet wreath! | risingeden.com
Our sweet wreath!



An appropriate tablecloth on the kitchen table brings in the right color scheme without much expense. I even have an extra wreath that we put on the coat closet door inside.



This little crow is Mr K's favorite. | risingeden.com
This little crow is Mr K’s favorite.



And of course little touches made by little hands add to the unique family atmosphere. 🙂 I like our children to feel like they contribute too and that we appreciate their artistic pursuits.



Can you see the little craft next the vase? Its one my favorite preschool crafts. | risingeden.com
Can you see the little craft next the vase? Its one my favorite preschool crafts.



Never let it be said that a busy family can’t have a little seasonal fun for a reasonable time and money investment! How do you celebrate a change in seasons? I would love to hear your ideas – I like to try out new things too. 🙂


Peace and health,


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