What Will You Do For Weekend Family Fun?

Ahhh! Sunshine! It’s so nice to have a sunny weekend to enjoy after the drenching we recently received. This week was full  of chores and cleaning up so that we can make our home ready for the rest of autumn. Much cooler weather decended on us for  a little while and this Mama was not prepared with warmer clothes to give her children!


Thankfully we all have a refreshed wardrobe now. 🙂 This Saturday is being spent doing Scouting activities and soccer for Mr. T. He is so cute to watch running around with all his little buddies! It’s also a good time for me to get some fresh air while I watch him play and I usually get to catch up on some reading or projects while I sit there.



Beautiful soccer field! | risingeden.com
Beautiful soccer field!



Do you ever feel like all you do is travel from one highly needed task to another? And then there is no time for any time to just enjoy each other’s company?  This weekend I am trying to make time for a little fun and enjoyment between myself and my children. We have spent so much time this week working on necessary projects that we have put off very needed time to just be together.



There was much creativity with our cooking class last week. | risingeden.com
There was much creativity with our cooking class last week.


Perhaps we will play a card game. Maybe a board game. We could even take a bike ride. Of course there is always the option of some popcorn and a movie while we cuddle on the couch. I think we will just wait to see what we are in the mood for but we will certainly find something to have fun with!


What are your plans today? Do you have any more ideas for me to offer my family? I love to hear what other families do together for fun!


Enjoy your weekend!


Peace and health,



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