The Healthiest Simple Pleasure of Autumn

Happy Personal Paradise Tuesday! 

I have a very simple Personal Paradise Moment today. The best, most refreshing, and healthiest activity in Autumn is raking leaves! It is that happy time again when our eyes are feasting on the splendor of the changing colors of the leaves, our noses are full of the crisp smell of cooler air, and our ears are full of the crinkling shushing of the dry, crackled remnants of summers’ greenery. Allergies aside, this is a wonderful time of year! 



Beautiful fall foliage |
Beautiful fall foliage




This afternoon the darling puppy in our life needed to go out – again. The children were all busy with tasks that I really wanted them to finish so I took Little Miss out and took a walk down to the mailbox. No mail (whoops – Columbus Day!) but we circled around under our beautiful big trees in the front yard. My lovely children had left the rakes lying around and I found myself glad since I was able to just pluck one up and take a few minutes to rake up the first leaves of the season. 



Miss S as a little tyke enjoying the hay wagon |
Miss S as a little tyke enjoying the hay wagon




I love raking! The exercise is good, the motion is soothing, and you can immediately see an improvement with your work. It is very satisfying. I very quickly had to return to the house in order to get the dinner started but it really gave me a short, needed break in my day to perk up my mood and remind me of good things in life. 


My little front porch autumn friend! |
My little front porch autumn friend!



Do you like raking or is it quite a chore for you? Perhaps there is something else you like best about autumn? Share it with me here!

Peace and health,


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  1. I am right there with you when it comes to allergies…they are a killer! I live in the city, so I don’t get to do much raking. Actually, I do no raking. But I do miss being told to go out and rake! Mostly because of the huge pile of leaves you got to jump into at the end. 😉

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