How I Stayed Warm In The Cool This Weekend

Welcome Tuesday! What is making your week happy today? Around these parts it has gotten quite chilly and I am terribly glad that I had all our cold weather clothes out and ready. We had a fun weekend with sports and family visits.

My simple Personal Paradise moment came about on Saturday night. We were out pretty much all day and when we got back it was just after sunset. The temperature in the house was quite cold and we still had the whole night for the house to cool down even more!



Pumpkin time is coming! |
                                                        Pumpkin time is coming!



So I caved.


I turned on the heat.


The Paradise moment was when the air that came out of the vent was warm! I know that sounds a little silly but I am happy with simple things. Not only that, but last year when we turned on the heat for the first time that season, all it did was circulate cold air and no heat came of it! It was a fairly simple fix but it took a few cold days to get it working.

So never take the simple things for granted! Not only did I get to enjoy the warm blowing through my house but I put my fabulous, fresh, warm flannel sheets on the bed. So I got to enjoy a comfy house and a super cuddly bed this weekend!

Here is what I’m NOT looking forward to yet:



Frigid beauty |
Frigid beauty



What is your paradise moment today? Anything not gone right this week? Any ways to make it better? I’d love to hear about it!


Peace and health,


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