Family Fun With Family Treasures

Hello Weekend! I am so glad the weekend has gotten here!

This week was busy, fun, and packed with activity. We have had tons to do, tons to see, lots of family to spend time with, and I’m still trying to keep the house at a manageable level of dirt, in addition to getting a smidge of school work done. 🙂 All my crazy kiddos have had sports activities this week too. I wish I had fit in more exercise this week but at least I’ve kept everyone moving and relatively happy.


This is the view from our car this week! |
This is the view from our car this week!


A few notable things happened this week.

My children got some serious bonding time with some of Mr Hubby’s family. What a joy to watch them interact and know each other better!


I managed to squeeze in a few naps to help recover from the crazy running around we did. The best part was when I told Mr B to search through the pantry and figure out something for dinner while I went to rest – and he did a great job! He altered the recipe for one of our family favorites, Jazzy Ramen Stirfry, and made it work with what we had on hand. What a fabulous boy he is!


He is a good brother to look up to. |
He is a good brother to look up to.


We also are now enjoying a few new/old treasures that were handed down to us. With some soaking and cleaning we will have beautiful new table linens, we managed to let each child have a few trinkets from their great grandmother’s house, and Mr K is completely over the moon with the golf clubs that he can now play with! What fun!


It really was a great week but I’m looking forward to a bit of rest this weekend. I hope your week has gone smoothly. Any great weekend plans? Share with us here!


We are all a little tired! |
We are all a little tired!


Peace and health,


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