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Hello Tuesday Friends!

I hope you are all waking to a paradise thought today, or at least discovering one as you go about your day. I am thinking and being thankful today for my friends! As a rather introverted person I don’t have buckets of friends all over like some people I know, but I do have a lovely selection of great people who have decided they want to hang out with me sometimes. 🙂 

The thing I like best about my eclectic selection of friends is that there is always someone who fits the bill for what I want to talk about on any particular day.


Such love in this picture! |
Such love in this picture!



Sometimes I am thinking about healthcare and my vocation as a nurse. Or perhaps I need to rehash something that happened at work to give me a little de-compress time. If that is the case I can call my dear friend with whom I went to nursing school. Sometimes I want to talk about my fitness goals or how much I love my bicycle. For that I can call one of my sisters who is an avid cyclist. Yet another day I am feeling down about my abilities to be a good mother and an effective home school teacher. On those days I would probably call another close friend who gets my quirks and has “been there, done that” with homeschooling. 


Here's my baby sister and I holding each others babies when they were new! |
Here’s my baby sister and I holding each others babies when they were new!


There are so many different types of people whom I love that can give me perspective on my life, and my Personal Paradise Moment today is how blessed I am to have different people to support the different elements to my life and the varied interests I have. 

And then there are you dear blog readers!!

How do you connect with people? Are you a person who thrives is a room full of people, being able to work the room? Or are you the type that likes an intimate gathering with a close friend or two at a time? I hope you have the benefit of loved ones that have a range of interests that both support you and help you to stretch your ideas on the world. If you don’t, be brave! Go out and meet some new people. Maybe start a new hobby or strike up a conversation in the library or at work and find a new outlook on something. 


Of course Mr Hubby counts as a valuable friend too! |
Of course Mr Hubby counts as a valuable friend too!



I challenge you to make a goal to find someone new to talk to or find a fresh interest to explore. I will be doing the same thing this week as I have a date with a friend for some exciting conversation! Let me know how it went, ok?

Peace and health,


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