A Special Item That Makes A House A Home

Happy Personal Paradise Tuesday! I’m going to make a bet that some of you might think this week’s edition of Personal Paradise Tuesday is going to get a little sappy. But I hope you will bear with me. 🙂

This week I was going a million places. Like so many of you I was in and out of the car tons of times running to and from children’s activities, grocery store, pet store, work, etc. I went  in and out of my front door countless times. Each time I wipe my feet on the mat, open the door, dodge the over excited puppy, and drop my keys and coat just inside. By then, if the re-entry grumps don’t take over the rest of the next hour, I just get going on the next event of normal family life.

What do I often pass my eyes over but don’t alway really see? My vintage statue of the Holy Mary. She is not any particular work of art but she is so valuable to me. She is simply made of concrete and covered with peeling white paint. She is even chipped and worn. But she makes my house very much “home”.


My Great-Grandmother's Mary | risingeden.com
My Great-Grandmother’s Mary


The reason is simple. This little Mary statue once sat in the garden of my great-grandmother. It adorned her back yard and when my parents became the owners of that house, I ended up with Mary. Story has it that the indomitable Nanny carried this very heavy item home from the store – walking home!

The point of all this is that maybe no one who comes to my door notices this worn out icon. Maybe no one thinks that she is worth anything. She’s not new, flashy, colorful, or very pretty. But when I look at her she speaks to me of home and family, traditions and heirlooms, history and love. This is what creates Paradise. Whatever makes your life the best is can be – with what you have on hand that makes you happy – that is what it is all about!



I love her peaceful yet happy expression. | risingeden.com
I love her peaceful yet happy expression.



Maybe some day I will repaint her. I’m not sure about the paint, but I am sure that I’m glad that she sits there on my front porch keeping an eye on things for me!

What little item makes your house home? What would have to move with you if you had to make a home somewhere new?


Peace and health,


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