Frugal Tips For Fast And Healthy Food

Is anybody hungry?

There are always so many hungry tummies in my house that I spend tons of time in the kitchen. I bet many of you have the same situation in your life. So how do we consolidate the time we spend in the kitchen but still provide our families with great food to eat? How do we make homemade goodies and not stayed chained to the stove?

I know many of you have found this secret but I’m going to repeat it for those who could be helped by a reminder:

Use your freezer!

You can freeze so many things that you have either prepped or completely made to ease the pinch of time in the kitchen!

One of my favorite things to make in large batches ahead of time and then freeze is bread.


I love the action of making bread but it is hard to find enough time to get those loaves made often enough to fill my big kids hungry appetites. I have a favorite recipe that makes 4 loaves at a time but of course while fresh bread is delicious, it also doesn’t last as long as the store-bought stuff. So I make a batch or two and then freeze all but 2 loaves at a time. It is a very good way to save at the store and feed the family something delicious and healthy.



A fruity spread on homemade bread? Yes, please! |
A fruity spread on homemade bread? Yes, please!

Other item that is really easy to make ahead is cookie dough.

Who doesn’t love fresh-baked cookies?! You can easily have cookies in minutes if you pre-make the cookie dough and freeze it. The easiest way is to freeze it in log form so you can just slice and bake. Alternately, you can freeze the dough in pre-made balls and put them in a baggie for whenever you are ready.

When looking for a dinner item there is alway the standby of ground beef – browned and then frozen.

I actually like to make a couple of batches of beef into taco meat. Then I can use it for dinner or for taco salads for lunch. This is Mr K’s favorite lunch and it get tons of greens into him at the same time. Bonus points for me since he thinks he is getting a  treat!


The beef can then go in all kinds of things - including your crockpot! |
The beef can then go in all kinds of things – including your crockpot!

If you are really searching for a health boost and an immune system improver I like to try a little homemade broth.

I know that can sound a little overwhelming but if you haven’t made any yet – it is really easy! After you make your broth, especially if you end up with a lot, you might wonder how to use it all. Well it can be easier to use up if you divvy it up into smaller portions and freeze it. Then it is always ready to toss into soups, mix in with stews, heat up for a warming drink when you feel under the weather, anything you can think of!

One last idea for you. How about pizza?

If you are on a budget you don’t always want to order pizza and bite into your next savings goal at the same time. So create some of the best pizza around by making dough ahead as well as your pizza sauce. I even buy pepperoni in bulk and freeze that! When we want pizza you can just pull out your components and have a tasty treat on the table in minutes. Of course the kids don’t complain about that!


This pizza looks yummy!
This pizza looks yummy!


I’m willing to bet that you all have a few other ideas of good things to freeze ahead to make kitchen time fast and frugal. Care to share? Keep your eyes open here this month because I will be sharing these fantastic freezer friendly recipes soon! In the meantime – happy cooking!

Peace and health,


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