Spending The Week Learning And Healing

Yay for the weekend again! Last weekend I felt like the week went super fast but this weekend I feel like the week lasted forever! I’m sure that the minor illnesses and injuries were largely to blame for that but, such is life right? We spent quite a bit of time at the beginning of the week healing from both of these things. At least we are all mostly better now. 🙂

We have had some unseasonably warm weather this week and that made getting outdoors crucial before the cold sets in. It’s just too bad I didn’t have time to rake some of the millions of leaves in my yard. But at least we are staying busy with other activities.


Fall fun family picture 2015 | risingeden.com
Fall fun family picture 2015


Last week we enjoyed Mr K while we celebrated his birthday. He is a fabulous 9 years old already! He is my sweet, subtle, loving boy. Not nearly as apt to chatter or grab at attention like the others, Mr K takes his time in life and has some serious depth to him if you take the time to get under the surface. I’m so glad I get to be his Mama! Love you K!


Mr K turns 9! | risingeden.com
Mr K turns 9!


This week we are going to try to get a few household projects done so we can get towards Thanksgiving without extra stuff hanging over our heads. We are moving on from some of our programs in our homeschool. Some things are just coming to a natural end but I’ve been finding a few things that just aren’t working the way I would like them to. So it’s off with them and on to something better. That is probably one of the great things about homeschooling. If something really isn’t working, we don’t actually have to push through and continue to struggle through unnecessarily. We can change our approach, try a new book, or take a break all together!

So far our year has been pretty successful so I’m not complaining. It is actually quite a privilege to find how my children learn and create adaptations to help them.


This is some good reading practice! | risingeden.com
This is some good reading practice!


My goals for this week are to catch up on laundry, work on some crafty projects both for me and the children, and spend at least a few hours outside getting some exercise and fresh air. What are your goals this week? Perhaps you could use some outdoor time too? Let me know how it goes!

Peace and health,


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